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JASMES (JAXA Satellite Monitoring for Environmental Studies) is a JAXA’s satellite image and data archives, providing service for the purpose of monitoring the current status of global climate variables. JASMES provides dataset of the earth observation parameters derive from satellites, which are solar radiation reaching the earth's surface (photosynthetically available radiation), cloudiness, snow and sea ice cover, dryness of vegetation (water stress trend), soil moisture, wild fire, precipitation, land and sea surface temperature.

Data access and registration

Satellite imagery and binary data as for global climate parameters products from Terra/Aqua MODIS are available on JASMES and MODIS Near-Real-time Data websites.

User registration is required when you access to download binary data.

Please answer the questionnaire.

This web-based service is released as a tentative version.

Some kind of dataset is not yet available on this version. Please kindly answer the questionnaire to improve on JASMES contents and interfaces.